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EcoAdapt's programs provide support, training, and assistance to make conservation and management less vulnerable and more Climate Savvy. We are dedicated to building the field of adaptation by increasing our partners' capacity to respond to climate impacts, creating an engaged community of practice, and supporting our partners as they integrate climate adaptation into their work.

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Our Products
The State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation
in North America Report

The report provides a brief overview of key climate change impacts on the natural and built environments in marine and coastal North America and a review of adaptation options available to and in use by marine and coastal managers. This report presents the results of EcoAdapt's efforts to survey, inventory, and assess adaptation projects from different regions, jurisdictions, and scales throughout North America's marine and coastal environments.
Climate Savvy: Adapting Conservation and Resource Management to a Changing World
EcoAdapt's climate change experts Lara Hansen and Jennifer Hoffman consider the implications of climate change for key resource management issues of our time—invasive species, corridors and connectivity, ecological restoration, pollution, and many others. Climate Savvy offers a wide-ranging exploration of how scientists, managers, and policymakers can use the challenge of climate change as an opportunity to build a more holistic and effective philosophy.

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Our Outreach
EcoAdapt's staff can often be found speaking at a conference, hosting a webinar, or running Awareness to Action workshops. Communication, outreach, and building an engaged community of practice is central to our mission.

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