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April 21, 2021
In celebration of Earth Day, we hosted a talk with expert Lara Hansen to talk all things resilience, adaptation, and how these concepts are connected to restoring our planet! Lara Hansen from EcoAdapt shared interesting insights and resources, including the platform—your online adaptation destination—and a Climate Change Adaptation Certification Tool.
April 2021
EcoAdapt scientist Laura Hilberg was recently interviewed for the Wild Utah podcast, produced by the Southern Utah Wilderness Association. The podcast episode focuses on conclusions from a new EcoAdapt report titled "Contribution of the America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Efforts", which highlights the climate change benefits that would likely be realized if 9 million acres of Utah public lands were permanently protected as wilderness.
September 4, 2019
Executive Director Lara Hansen gave commentary on the CNN Climate Town Hall: "Communities all across our country are experiencing the effects of climate change. You hear it in the many questions being asked in this Democratic Town Hall. People are asking about the disparity in the effects of climate change based on income, race, gender or abilities, about the vulnerability of coastal communities and sea level rise, about our fossil-fuel economy’s health effects, or citizens who have lost their homes to wildfire. Some of these individuals are fortunate to live in communities looking to develop strategies to reduce the impact. Participants in the National Adaptation Forum share these ideas across geographies and there is a whole database of these efforts waiting to be replicated by any of us. We can all work in our own communities, but it is slow going and a patchwork of small-scale actions is insufficient and inefficient in protecting us from many of the effects of climate change."