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Climate Adaptation Project for the Sierra Nevada
This project is intended to help guide and support a manager or planner in strategically integrating the challenges of climate change into their management of Sierra Nevada resources. The main products focus on understanding vulnerabilities to climate change and implementing adaptation actions. 

  • To assess the vulnerability of a suite of focal resources to climate change
  • To use spatial analysis and expert input to prioritize conservation areas and/or actions
  • To identify implementable management responses to climate change in the Sierra Nevada

Main Products
Focal Resource Vulnerability Assessment & Adaptation Strategies 2-pagers
Alpine/Subalpine Ecosystem
Aquatic Ecosystem
Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs
Oak Woodlands
Red Fir Ecosystem
Wet Meadow Ecosystem
Whitebark Pine
Yellow Pine/Mixed Conifer Ecosystem
Current and Projected Climate Changes 2-pagers
Northern Sierra Nevada Sub-Region
Central Sierra Nevada Sub-Region
Southern Sierra Nevada Sub-Region

Project Partners 

We want your feedback! Please fill out this survey to tell us how you will use (or have used) these products and provide suggestions for future iterations and next steps.

For more information about this project, please contact Jessi Kershner