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Climate Savvy Quick Course
EcoAdapt staff has specialized in training people on how to integrate climate change into their work for better long-term outcomes for over a decade. We specialize in making adaptation easy by building individual capacity, connecting you to the resources needed to make adaptation happen, and applying basic principles of adaptation to the work you already do. The following guidance is based on EcoAdapt's Climate Savvy training to help you integrate climate change into your work. 
  • Adaptation Ladder of Engagement - Seven rung assessment to help you evaluate your "State of Adaptation" and determine what you could be doing to improve your management and planning efforts.
  • Climate Savvy Agenda: National Adaptation Forum- Use the color coded Adaptation Ladder of Engagement to help guide you to each rung to appropriate symposiums, working groups, and trainings to get you to the next step.
  • Resources to Get You Started - EcoAdapt’s Climate Adaptation Starter Kit includes our top list of resources, tools, and adaptation examples to get you started.