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Vulnerability Assessment Workshop for Focal Resources of the Sierra Nevada
March 5-7, 2013 • Sacramento, CA • California State University

This is the first of two workshops on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning for the Sierra Nevada. The goal of this workshop (5-7 March 2013) is to assess the vulnerability of a suite of focal resources (species, habitats, ecosystem services) to climate change. The goal of the second workshop (planned for late May 2013) is to develop and prioritize adaptation strategies for focal resources and regions. This 2.5-day workshop will include: (1) a review of climate trends for the Sierra Nevada region; (2) vulnerability assessment training following the process described in Scanning the Conservation Horizon; (3) vulnerability assessment application for a suite of species, habitats and ecosystem services that were chosen prior to the workshop; (4) discussion and refinement of regional management action opportunities; and (5) identification of spatial analysis and mapping needs. Results from this workshop including synthesis documents and presentations will be made available online through the California Climate Commons and EcoAdapt websites.

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A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Focal Resources of the Sierra Nevada

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