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Kaua'i Vulnerability Assessment & Scenario Planning Workshop

January 12-13, 2017 • Lihue, HI
Natural and cultural resource managers today are faced with many challenges, including an uncertain but changing climate. This is the first of two workshops that will focus on the island of Kaua'i as part of the Hawaiian Islands Climate Synthesis Project. It will use expert input to assess the vulnerability of key natural and cultural resources to climate change, and develop a common understanding of the range of possible future climate conditions and what those changes could mean for resources.
Workshop Objectives:
  1. Provide participants with baseline knowledge and understanding of climate trends (current, historic, projected future) for the island of Kaua'i.
  2. Assess vulnerabilities of habitats and ecosystem services to climate change including sensitivity, exposure, and adaptive capacity.
  3. Review and select associated climate drivers important for habitats, and develop alternative future scenarios.
  4. Discuss how alternative future scenarios could impact habitats.
Agenda & Speakers
Jeff Burgett, Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative: Climate Trends for Kaua'i
Rachel M. Gregg, EcoAdapt: Scenario Planning and Climate Change
Reading & Resources