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Pacific Northwest Wetlands Symposium

November 8, 2012 • Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA
Wetlands provide critical services for both natural communities and human society. They are also among the most sensitive ecosystems to climate change. However, resources to support scientific evaluation and management of wetlands have lagged behind that of other ecosystem types. This one-day free interactive workshop is designed as a forum for introducing and exchanging feedback on a new suite of mapping and hydrologic modeling resources designed to support management, restoration, and climate adaptation efforts for Pacific Northwest freshwater wetlands. Our goal is to support the production of tools that are both useful (for actual resource management) and used (in the workflow). This workshop will facilitate knowledge and idea exchange among managers, consultants, and researchers working on wetlands in the Pacific Northwest region. For more information see Workshop Goals and Detail, and the links below.
Many thanks to the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative for providing funding for this workshop and the following workshop organizers:
Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt, Maureen Ryan, University of Washington & Simon Fraser University, Alan Hamlet, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Wendy Palen, Earth 2 Ocean Research Group, Simon Fraser University, Meghan Halabisky, University of Washington, Regina Rochefort, North Cascades National Park, Se-Yeun Lee, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, and Alex Score, EcoAdapt.
Agenda & Speakers
Reading & Resources
Climate Adaptation
Regional Climate Impacts
Freshwater Systems
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