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Vulnerability Assessment Workshop for the North-central California Coast and Ocean

June 10-11, 2014 • San Francisco, CA • Fort Mason
This climate change vulnerability assessment workshop is one piece of a larger project entitled the Climate-Smart Adaptation for the North-central California Coast and Ocean Project, an effort to collaboratively develop and implement adaptation actions in response to, and in preparation for, climate change impacts on coastal and marine resources (species, habitats, ecosystem services). The goal of this workshop (10-11 June 2014) is to assess the vulnerability of a suite of these resources (chosen at the previous Focal Resources Workshop) to climate change. This 2-day workshop will include: (1) a review of climate trends (current, historic, projected future) for the north-central California coast; (2) vulnerability assessment application for a suite of species, habitats, and ecosystems services that were selected prior to the workshop; and (3) discussion and evaluation of regional management decision vulnerabilities.
Agenda & Speakers
Reading & Resources
Vulnerability Assessment Informational Webinar (held May 8, 2014)
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