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Resilience Ecosystem Workshop II

April 28, April 29, April 30 & May 6, 2020
The Second Resilience Ecosystem Workshop (REW2) convened roughly 100 adaptation and resilience professionals in a series of four online meetings in Spring 2020. This was the second REW sponsored by the NOAA Climate Program Office and Climate Resilience Fund (the first was held in person at NOAA headquarters in 2018). This year the U.S. Global Change Research Program joined as a third co-sponsor. Organizers of REW2 included representatives from the U.S. federal government as well as the private and non-profit sectors.
What is the Resilience Ecosystem?
The Resilience Ecosystem is an open and inclusive community of public and private entities working individually and collectively to help communities and businesses in all U.S. regions and sectors to adapt/build resilience to climate-related hazards. The Resilience Ecosystem is not an entity, organization or professional society; it is not "owned" by anyone and it does not seek to compete with anyone.
Agenda & Speakers
Plenary presentations and small group instructions:
Reading & Resources
About the 2nd Resilience Ecosystem Workshop
The overarching goal for REW2 was to convene leading adaptation professionals and enable them to collaboratively identify priorities and ideas for accelerating the pace and scale of climate adaptation / resilience activities across the nation. Our premise for this effort is that resources are scarce relative to the magnitude of the issues presented by rapidly advancing climate impacts and that we must work together to leverage existing resources and services to support a climate-resilient future for the country.
The challenge embraced by the REW2 is to contribute to the development of adaptive capacity and resilience to climate-related hazards using resources that are available today. To rise to the challenge, this workshop was structured to:
  • Develop among participants a common understanding of a shared strategy for advancing climate resilience; and
  • Identify priorities for leveraging and improving climate adaptation and resilience resources and services.
The REW2 Process and Outcomes
Workshop participants engaged in a process spanning four plenary and breakout sessions designed to help them to work together to develop a shared understanding of the Resilience Ecosystem, their respective roles in it, and to develop collaborative project ideas for improving climate services for the U.S. Participants contributed their expertise and time to help compile a wealth of information about climate adaptation and resilience, including:
  • A categorization of the identified Goals, Gaps, and Opportunities into prioritized Focus Areas for investment in climate services and resources
  • A comprehensive list of Building Blocks, which includes resources and services developed and led by workshop participants
Many REW2 participants have begun to collaborate on synergistic projects. Some of these may receive funding through the Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem (CCRE) grants competition, which is expected to commence in June 2020. CCRE is a partnership between the Climate Resilience Fund and the NOAA Climate Program Office.
Theory of Change
The Theory of Change can be accessed here.
Resilience Ecosystem Workshop 1 (REW1)
The first Resilience Ecosystem Workshop (REW1) was hosted by NOAA in Silver Spring, Maryland, in January 2018. More information can be found here.